[Mapbender-dev] Error digitizer

Charlotte Toma charlotte.toma at wheregroup.com
Fri Mar 8 00:50:10 PST 2019

Hello Jana-Teresa,

could you try it with the developer mode?

There you should see the problem in a red box at the right corner of
your application and in the logfiel at /mapbender/app/logs/dev.log
(perhaps wrong databasename in your connection, error in yaml-definition
or else).

More about the developer mode (https://localhost/mapbender/app_dev.php)
is here:

If you can't fix it, then write us your error messages from the dev-mode
: )

Best wishes,


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Am 08.03.19 um 09:34 schrieb Jana-Teresa Bauer:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with my digitizer tool. When the digitizer is turned
> on, an error message appears:
> Feature API: Abfrage fehlgeschlagen. "<!Doctype
> html>\n<html>\n<head>\n<meta charset=\"UTF-8\"/>\n<title>An Error
> Occured: Internal Server Error </title>\n</head>\n<body>\n<h1>Oops! An
> Error Occured </h1>\n<h2>The server returned a \"500 Internal Server
> Error\".</h2>\n\n <div>\n Something is broken. Please let us know what
> you where doing when this error occured.\n We will fix it as soon as
> possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. \n
> </div>\n</body>\n</html>\n"
> Unfortunately, I do not know what the error is, the coordinate system
> is correctly stated.

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