[Mapbender-users] document.getElementById(tab_ids[i])

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at ccgis.de
Wed Apr 12 11:28:00 EDT 2006

Anna S. schrieb:
> I've tried to create a treeGDE folder using treeConfGDE in Mapbender 2.2.2
> but now I've problems with displaying any layer in the mapframe. The
> Javascipt Console reports the following error: 
> "document.getElementById(tab_ids[i]) has no properties"
> If I try to redraw the mapframe: there comes a map, however the Javascipt
> Console notifies:
> "mb_mapObj(ind) has no properties"
> "mb_button(ind) has no properties"
> I've even defined some layers with "sel_default" in "Edit GUI-WMS". When I
> try to check a layer directly in the treeConfGDE tool it doesn't work.

Hi Anna,

  do you use the element tabs in your gui?

The error document.getElementById(tab_ids[i]) looks like.

Have a look at the element vars of the element tabs (go to an admin gui 
- select your gui - go to edit gui elements  - klick on the link of the 
element tabs)

  There you find the tab_ids of the elements you want to be part of the 
tabs. Maybe your "old" treeGDE is still mentioned in one of the tab_ids. 
replace it with your treeConfGDE

Also you have to set the treeConfGDE-element hidden.


Hope I could help

Astrid Emde


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