[Mapbender-users] users creation

andy aborruso at tin.it
Tue Apr 18 09:37:01 EDT 2006

Hi all,
mapbender is really a good product. It's well documented and easy to
install. It's a pleasure to work with it.
I have a question related to an argument I have not found in
documentation or I have found not in english.
I have http://mywebsiyte/mapbender/index.php file, and starting form
here it's possible to create new users. Every user that opens this page
can create a new user and then he can make the log-in. Is it possible to
disable this behavior. In some way I would like to administrate my
mapbender site. In this moment I have renamed index.php file.
I have created a mapbender db, and a mapbender user with all privileges
on this db. Then I have edited mapbender.conf file:
    define("DBSERVER", "localhost");
    define("PORT", "3306");
    define("DB", "mydb");
    define("OWNER", "myuser");
    define("PW", "mypassw");
Mapbender runs only I put in these rows "root" as user and the password
of the root user. Is it normal?

Thank you,


P.S. I'm not able to translate in German.
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