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Hallo Sylvestre,
Mapbender uses WMS-Services from other Servers (or from other Programs on the same Web-Server).

After installing Mapbender the Service "Demis World Map" is already configured. 
Use SQL-Files in /resources/db/ to initialize your Database.
See: "gui".

In the first Step you can use this WMS thru the Internet.

In the next step you can install this WMS-Service on you own server, but this is not the job for Mapbender.
You have to use UMN-Mapserver for example.


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I am quite a newbie in this field.

I downloaded the database from (

I have two quick questions :
* it is possible to get the list of the country/region/city from this
database ? (I have some *.lst/*.mpl/*.mpt files)
* it is possible to install the wms files in mapbender or do I have to
use a WMS mapserver ?

Thank you very much.

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