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Fri May 19 06:01:42 EDT 2006


"admin1" - "Edit GUI-WMS" :
here you should select the epsg:27700 for the first wms in your gui to set it to default.

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>>> phatbloke at 19.05.2006 11:17 >>>


whoops I meant to say this is the link I am using I copied and pasted the
wrong one. 

I have managed to get the map displaying but it seems to be defaulting to
the wrong EPSG. All the data is set to 27700 (British National Grid) in the
DB and geoserver is using this value but in mapbender it shows EPSG:4326 and
I cannot change it in the WMS Gui Settings. I added in 27700 into
mod_changeEPSG.php and I can now select it but how do you set it to default?

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