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Hello Mapbenders,

from some external (Windows-) programms we use Bounding-Box-Positioning thru URL.


We only use the parameters 'mb_user_myGUI' and 'mb_myBBOX'.

This works with Mapbender 2.2.3.

The user must be logged in before.

The opened GUI is only set to a new Position, to a new object from the application.


With Mapbender 2.4 this ends up in Login-Screen.

You have to add the Parameters 'name' and 'password'.


That's not what we want, because the Mapbender-Password has to be configured and saved in several other Applications.


Is it an error only on our Server or is this the way Mapbender 2.4 works?







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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 31. August 2006 16:53
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