[function.import-request-variables]: No prefix specified

Karsten Vennemann karsten at commenspace.org
Fri Sep 22 05:06:46 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I installed Mapbender 2.4 with Postgres 8.0/Postgis and php 5.0.5 on a
Windows box. I checked the set-up with
http://localhost/mapbender/tools/mapbender_setup.php at it seems to be
fine. I can log into mapbender with root/root
- however on the lower part of the login page (create new user) and on
each additonal page when login in I get the error 
Notice: import_request_variables() [function.import-request-variables]:
No prefix specified - possible security hazard in
C:\web\mapbender\http\php\mod_createUser.php on line 21 or similar ones.

Could it be that my php.ini is not defined correctly ?

Maybe the session access ? 
Also didn't know what the entry in php.ini
session.save_path = (Path to SESSIONS-Directory). (Check authorisation!)
Means - what is meant with authorization - write acess to the directory
, something else ?

Anybody ideas how to fix that?
Couldn't find any hint in the archives :(
Viele Gruesse aus Seattle

Karsten Vennemann
GIS Analyst
CommEn Space
The Community & Environment Spatial Analysis Center
1402 3RD Ave. Suite 1015
Seattle, WA 98101
206 749 0112 (+Ext 33)

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