[Mapbender-users] problem with wms after importing gui on server

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Sat Dec 29 03:04:01 EST 2007

Hi list,


I'm working with mapbender 2.4.3 and created a gui including one wms
alliance/ok_server.map&> &) on my local windows machine. There all is
working fine. I then exported the gui as sql and imported into the mapbender
database (postgis) on my linux server. The gui shows up on the admin pages
after I ran
Insert into gui_mb_user Values ('ocla1',1,'owner');


However, the wms does not show up when I load the gui, also I can't find my
wms in the table "wms" nor does it show up when I try to edit the wms under
Configue WMS access> WMS GUI settings in the WMS_TiTle list box. 
I don't know whether a wms belonging to a gui usually is exported with the
gui  - or whether I have to recreate that resource on the server again?


Thus, I tried to recreate the wms with "load capabilities", however trying
to load 


gives me a violation of a constraint :-(:

Warning: pg_exec() [function.pg-exec
<http://alliance.terragis.net/php/function.pg-exec> ]: Query failed: ERROR:
duplicate key violates unique constraint "pk_gui_layer" in
/var/www/sites/mapbender/http/php/database-pgsql.php on line 133
sql error: ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "pk_gui_layer"
ROLLBACK performed....


Now I'm stuck and don't know how to port gui and wms to the server. Any
ideas what went wrong, or how I can fix this?


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