[Mapbender-users] Dynamic Add a WMS

joscha.ma at web.de joscha.ma at web.de
Fri Feb 23 07:24:57 EST 2007

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> joscha.ma at web.de wrote:
> > Hermann Tugholz wrote:
> >> is it possible to add a WMS dynamically by submitting the capabilities URL 
> >> via HTTP Post or something similar? I would like to dynamical create a 
> >> "Client" for a given capabilities URL without having to add it via the add 
> >> button in the client or adding it as an administrator.
> > 
> > Genau das gleiche würde mich auch interessieren. Ich möchte noch hinzufügen, dass man die URL ja vielleicht irgendwie beim Login mit angeben können müsste oder irgendwie per JavaScript übergeben kann. Weiss da jemand etwas genaueres?
> > 
> > I would be interested in the exact same thing. I would like to add, that it might/should be possible to pass a URL to mapbender with the login or somehow with JavaScript. Does anybody knows anything specific here?
> Did you try to use Web Map Context documents? It is a little tedious but would be the cmost comprehensive solution to your problem. This is how new services and layers are added to the Mapbender instance of the Geoportal-RLP (http://www.geoportal.rlp.de). Most of the code of that solution has already merged into core and is currently available for testing as 2.4.1 rc1 

thanks for your answer. Yes, I thought about using WMC, but it's not really working. I have to generate WMC-Documents and write them into the Mapbender database. That's not good, but I can do it, if it is the only possibility. Another problem I have is, that if I initiate Mapbender with http://.../frames/login.php?name=...&password=...&mb_user_myGui=...&wmc_id=... nothing happens. I get a blank map-window. No WMS services are added. No error message. But it's the same user and the same gui I created the WMC document with. I only deleted the WMS services from the gui (because I want to add them with the WMC document, of course).

I have no idea, why that is not working. Are you sure, there is no possibility to pass a WMS-URL to Mapbender with the login?

Does anybody have a good idea, why the WMC-stuff isn't working (Mapbender v2.4) or has another idea, how it could be done.

Thanks and best regards,
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