[Mapbender-users] activated WMS-Service without listing in treeGDE

Ronald Woita Ronald.Woita at rostock.de
Thu Jul 12 09:19:03 EDT 2007

hi all,

I'm looking for a method to show a WMS-Service per default in a GUI without the possibility to deactivate this by the user
and without listing in the treeGDE .
I can't find a combinations in the AdminGUI for Elements that achieved the desired result .
any hints ?



Ronald Woita
Hansestadt Rostock
Kataster-, Vermessungs- und Liegenschaftsamt
Holbeinplatz 14, 18069 Rostock
email: ronald.woita at rostock.de 
phone: +49 (0)381 - 381 6256

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