AW: [Mapbender-users] image oacity for diferent wms server

Jäger, Frank (KRZ) F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Thu Mar 8 10:46:31 EST 2007

Hallo Emilio,
a (stepwise) opacity is not possible in a WMS.
There are only WMServices with 
Http:...  &REQUEST=GetMap ... &TRANSPARENT=TRUE  or ... =FALSE
In an Vector-Data-Map often the backround is transparent (100%). So you can put this map on top of an other.
Aerial Photos (Orthofotos) have no transparency. They will cover all other Maps.
The Mapbender (Client of the MWS) is not able to add opacity while combining this different WMS-Pictures in the browser.

I wonder if it is usefull?
In case of hillshading on a aerial foto this will be OK (but i think the shades must be opaque, not the foto).
But in many other cases this will result to mismatched maps that will be hard to read.
In the wiki I didn't find information using search-words as En: "opaque", "opacity"; DE: "durchsichtig", "durchscheinend".

Lets wait for an answer of a developer, if it ever was discussed to add this feature.



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	Thank Franck 
	But there is not my question 
	I want to know if I can modify the opacity off all the imagen. 
	An example: 
	I have a wms service with one layer Hillshade, and oder wms service with Aerial photography .  I want that the users can change de opacity off de Aerial photography. 

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