[Mapbender-users] Slightly OT: PostGIS Layer in UMN Mapserver

Jan Peters-Anders petersja at gmx.at
Fri May 11 10:01:21 EDT 2007

Hello list,
I asked this question already on the UMN list but did not get any reply, so far (Friday afternoon? ;-)), but maybe someone here has a solution for my problem:

I have a webapplication that creates (via an SQL query) a view in my PostGres database. Then I display this view via mapserver. Mapfile code looks as follows:

   NAME firmen_psql
   CONNECTION "user=blabla password=bla dbname=foo host=localhost port=5432"
   DATA "the_geom from v_iis_over"

That works perfectly. Now I want to have multiple users query the database, creating views according to e.g. a session id, e.g:


Now my problem is, that I would need different mapfiles containing the different table (view) names to accomplish a correct display of the query results for each user. Is it e.g. possible to hand over the new (view) id via an http request? Or do I have to create a new mapfile each time a new session is created?

Also here on the mapbender list: Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :-)

Greetings from Vienna



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