[Mapbender-users] Problem with SLD and Digitisation

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Mon Nov 19 08:57:31 EST 2007


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> 1. The WMS layers deployed in Deegree when viewed in mapbender doesnt
> have the colours defined in the SLD documents.
> More accurately, I can view some layers with the defined colour, but
> for some its not coming. All my layers are polygons and it has the
> same sld style with different colours.
> Datasource is shapefiles.
> All of them ca be viewed with defined SLD in deegree's igeoportal.

Do you define named styles in your deegree wms configuration? At the
moment, mapbender is not yet able to handle named styles. Since the
SLD definiton is done in deegree, I don't see how mapbenders getmap
requests could interfere with the rendering.

> 2. Where will i find the saved digitised polygons if i want to
> retrieve the saed geometry and re use it later? I believe i will get
> it in gml format, right?
> I found in the log folder some error text files with details of all
> the polygons i drew in GML format.
> What could be the reason for those error logs?

At the moment, digitizing in mapbender works only with a correctly
configured transactional WFS (e.g. Geoserver, maybe deegree). This
means you need to load your WFS-T in mapbender, then configure the
featuretypes you want to be able to digitize to or edit.
Have a look at the complete description at
I don't know if deegree supports transactional WFS on a shape datastore.

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