[Mapbender-users] Setting a Layer Filter

Carsten Ehbrecht uly at kaffeeschluerfer.com
Sun Nov 25 09:22:58 EST 2007


in a project i have to use the esri map client coming with the ArcGIS
Server 9.2. A desktop application is communicating with the web-client
via javascipt calls using the swt-browser.

Now, i have to set a layer filter, means filtering all the geometries
which should be displayed on the layer. I'm getting a list of ids via a
javascript function. I'm not sure how many ids this will be, hundreds or
maybe event thousands ...

The filter is set only set for the current user, not for the layer in

Does someone had ever such a requirement?
How would you solve such a reqirement in MapBender?

I would be glad for any ideas :)


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