[Mapbender-users] Logout on saving "EDIT GUI_WMS" settings

Tilo Wütherich tilo.wuetherich at la-bw.de
Tue Oct 23 09:19:03 EDT 2007

Hi Christoph,

> what is the patch for class_wms? I forgot :-) Whatever the problem was,
> it should be fixed in 2.4.3.

I too, it was a change in single line...

thank you for the hint:

> Concerning the other problems: Maybe there is a problem with cookies? If
> not, maybe check the file
> /php/mb_validatePermission.php

I tried it with IE 6 an FF 1.5, it's both the same. There are some cases for
a logout:

1) If the user's id or ip are lost or changed - I would rule this out,
because then I should experience the logout in other modules too. I'm using
static IP-addresses. By the way it happened in MB 2.4.2 too and there just
with _some_ of my GetCap-Docs.

2+3) Logout if there is no (correct) gui_id. I suppose the error there.
Probably the gui_id is somehow lost?

I tried a bit more an found that the logout also happens when I first click
my WMS in the WMS-TITLE selectbox and then try to choose another GUI from
the left selectbox.



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