[Mapbender-users] Problem with getFeatureInfo1

Rogozia, Juergen Juergen.Rogozia at gkd-rso.de
Mon Sep 10 10:44:07 EDT 2007

Hi list!

Using mapbender 2.4.1 with getFeatureInfo1 I have the following problem: When I try to get feature infos from 2 overlaying features the result of the feature info from the first request is overwritten by the result of the 2nd request. What I want is a separate popup-window for the result of every feature that I request. Any ideas out there?

Many thanks in advance


Jürgen Rogozia
Zweckverband GKD
Rhein-Sieg / Oberberg
e-mail:  juergen.rogozia at gkd-rso.de
Tel.: 02241 / 999 1315
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