[Mapbender-users] Looking for help setting up OWSPROXY

Len Kne knex0001 at umn.edu
Wed Sep 12 15:25:46 EDT 2007

I am trying to setup OWSPROXY for access to a secure WMS running on the same
server.  Currently I am testing on my local machine (Windows XP, Apache
2.2.3, Mapbender 2.4.2, MapServer 4.10.0) and think that my Apache
configuration may not be correct and may be missing something in the
translation.  Apache is new to me.
I think I have the Mapbender modules installed and configured correctly, but
am confused on the exact configuration and placement of the statement below
in the httpd.conf:
RedirectMatch ^.*owsproxy. ([^i] [\ w \ D] +) \/([\ w \ D] +) \/? $
<http:///owsproxy/http/index.php?sid=$1<name> <name or="" ip=""> \ &wms=$2 \

Also, the wiki shows a list of changed files, including class_administration
and class_wms.  I am not clear what changes need to be made to these files.
Any help would be appreciated.  I'll update/create an English version of the
process for setting up OWSPROXY on the wiki.
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