[Mapbender-users] Problems with Head version

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Fri Sep 21 03:01:10 EDT 2007

1. The release will be compiled by adding patches to Mapbender 2.4.2; 
the SVN head will not be touched. We have to sort out these things when 
working on 2.5. A lot of developments came together and still need to be 
sorted out. I'm positive we have a Mapbender 2.4.3 up and running by 

2. You may need to enable the "mbstring" library if you want to work 
with that version. This is the multibyte string library which enables us 
to use functions like strlen (string length), which work with multibyte 
charsets like utf-8.

Tebs garders,

Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> Hi,
> I updated to the SVN head version and obviously ran into problems. Two
> questions:
> 1. Does it makes sens to try to resolve these problems at all or should I
> wait until the end of this week for the new release?
> 2. I 1. is answered witht a Go Ahead, please tel lme what to do about this:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in
> /data/svn/mapbender/http/frames/index.php on line 22
> Bets regards,
> Arnulf

Baudson Christoph

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