[Mapbender-users] WCS in Mapbender

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Mon Apr 7 12:04:46 EDT 2008

gisbert.breitbach at gkss.de wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I would like to know if somebody else of the Mapbender community is 
> interested in using a WCS with Mapbender.
> Best regards,
> Gisbert
> ____________________________________________________
> Gisbert Breitbach, GKSS Forschungszentrum
> Tel.: +49 4152 87 1563
> Fax: +49 4152 87 4 1563
> E-Mail: Gisbert.Breitbach at gkss.de

this question has been coming up during the FOSSGIS conference several times. But I am not sure whether it was always the same people or different interests. I will contact those who I have a contact of and hopefully they will hop on this list to further discuss. 

I myself am not very informed about WCS or what it would be used for. But as OGC members we have full access to all documentation and work in progress. If you are interested please contact me off list. 


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