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Hello Robert
mapbender_users-bounces at lists.osgeo.org wrote on 08.04.2008 15:45:40:

> Hello List,
> this is a new member interested in WCS.
> I found a WCS example at gvSIG. URL:
> http://inspire.cop.gva.es/mapserver/wcs
> (Quickbird 2004, several images)
> I did test the Valencia-Sueca Layer- It works.
> Questions:
> -Does someone knows an application (maybe Mapbender) that is able to
> support classification on that layer?
> -What other functionalities are assumed to be supported by WCS?

The main advantage of WCS is that coverages instead of maps are supported. 
Coverages in principle means multi dimensional data, even though that is 
not supported until now as far as I know. So a WCS could be understand as 
a WFS for raster data. The actual advantage is, that beside a 
GetCapability command like in WMS the standard involves a DescribeCoverage 
command which gives information (metadata) about specific coverages. And 
if you include such Metadata in your Search interface you are able to 
query for data resolving specific requests.



> Thanks for any hints and ideas,
> Robert Buchholz
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