[Mapbender-users] Zoom and Center Module

Len Kne knex0001 at umn.edu
Tue Apr 15 16:42:41 EDT 2008


Thanks for pointing me to the where to make the change to the "zoom factor",
this does exactly what I was looking for.  I ended up making two copies of
the center module so I could get this behavior with zoom in and zoom out

I was going to setup the JavaScript variable in hopes of loading the
"center" module twice and changing the zoom factor, but ran into a larger
issue with the creating of the button. Maybe in the future.


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I forgot:

> >My question is has anyone developed a module that combines center and 
> >ZoomIn?  I did not see it in the list of modules.  If not, I'll give 
> >it a try - I'm thinking it should be fairly straightforward.

to have a zoom, you must edit line 76 of mod_center1.php. You can even
define a javascript-var and make it configurable via the admin-gui. Probably
this would be an improvement of the module for the next Mapbender-releases?!
What do the devs think about it?



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