[Mapbender-users] Mapbender WMS Request (BBox)

Johannes Scholz johannes.scholz at tugraz.at
Wed Apr 16 03:34:40 EDT 2008

Hello Mapbender List,

I have a problem with Mapbender's WMS-Request - in particularly the BBox 
component. I am using Mapbender 2.4.5, Apache Webserver and PostGIS as 
underlying database, and added my WMS (served by UMN Mapserver) to a GUI 
as described in the Mapbender Tutorial. The GetCapabilities Request 
returns the following bounding boxes:
epsg : 	EPSG:31297
minx : 	80711
miny : 	181203
maxx : 	715487
maxy : 	570643
epsg : 	EPSG:4326
minx : 	8.97084
miny : 	45.4557
maxx : 	17.644
maxy : 	49.0351

But if i want to display the WMS using Mapbender the WMS Request (BBox) 
looks like this:

- thus the WMS is not displayed properly.

I would kindly invite you to come up with suggestions on where I made a 
mistake :)
Thanks very much in advance and kind regards
Johannes Scholz

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