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Ronald Woita Ronald.Woita at
Wed Dec 3 06:39:14 EST 2008

Hi Johannes,

in my opinion the only solution is to protect your ows services
depending on the software you use.
With mapserver UMN first you can hide the path details from your local
file system by this instruction

The second step is to protect the resulting cgi for the ows service
with the functionality of your web server
Here is an example for Apache :
<FILES ows_map1>
  order deny, allow
  deny from all
  allow from

Another interesting approach I'm testing at the moment is the
layer-level-security by GeoServer. 


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>>> loose at 03.12.2008 11:29 >>>
Hello List,

Maybe my mail some days ago has been too complex or too many questions
in one thread, 
so that there have been no replies so far. I'll try to ask my main
question again, but shorter:

What is the recommendet was to secure a geodata service (WMS)? The
mapbender wiki 
tells how to set up the owsproxy and use it to access a service. It
also points out the 
neccesity to secure the service for unauthorized access independet of
the mapbender, but it 
does not tell how that can be done.

Could anyone point me to docs about that issue or give me a small
example on how to 
achieve that?

Thanks in advance

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