[Mapbender-users] recommendation for grouping layers

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Mon Jan 7 21:04:39 EST 2008


in my project only local wms will be used and I wanted  to ask your opinions
on the best way to do the group of the layers.

The original map file's (on a MapServer only WebMap) layers are already
grouped using the MapServer group tags.
Now on the mapbender wiki I have read that I can use the custom tree to
organize and group layers. Thus, I thought I could either produce one wms
and one map file for each group -  or I could stay with one map file and use
the custom tree to do the grouping.
Would there be any advantages / disadvantages to either approach (having one
or multiple wms) ?
Would I have to expect any differences in performance?
How does that work anyway with multiple wms ?
Does mapbender wait for responses from each wms and then assemble one output
image? or would it be multiple transparent images stacked on each other?
This really would be interesting to know.


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