[Mapbender-users] Problems creating an entry of data-type "date" with wfs and gui-digitize

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Thu Jul 3 03:32:21 EDT 2008

Hi list,

I want to use wfs and gui-digitize to digitize some geometry and put some attributes to the geometry. Nearly all things do the correct thing.

But I also want to store data of data-type "date" in the database. And so I have some difficulties.

First of all:
Database is Oracle 9i (german settings like the date-format). In this database i have defined  an attribute "DATUM" with data-type "date".
For creating a WFS-T i use geoserver 1.6.0. The server does what he should do. But I recognized, that in the "FeatureType Editor" the "DATUM"-attribute is shown as a "string"-type.
After loading and configuring this WFS in Mapbender 2.4.4, this attribute is known in mapbender as a "date"-type (I really don't know, how mapbender knows this, because geo serversays, this is a "string"-type !!!)

I use postgres as mapbender database.

The problem in detail:
Entering a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD in the html-template generated by gui-digitize , this date is accepted by geoserver. But the Oracle database is not accepting this format !

Entering the date in the german format DD-MM-YYYY, geoserver recognizes a "Illegal argument exception" and the oracle DB never gets this argument.

I have done some trials with escape-characters (like \), but this had never an effect !

My Questions:
Does anybody know, how mapbender recognizes the correct format "date" for the DATUM attribute ? (Geoserver says, this is a string attribute).

Does mapbender it's own interpretation of an attribute of type "date" ? (So, the solution could be in altering the date-interpretation of the postgres - db or in the source-code of mapbender ??)

I didn't find any possibility to configure the format of "date"-types in geoserver ? If it is possible to configure this item in geoserver, please let me know where !

Or has anybody a solution for this problem ( I think the problem will also occure, if postgres or mysql is used instead of oracle).

Thanks and greetings
from Herbert

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