[Mapbender-users] mapbender: wfs-t abilities

Albrecht.Weiser at hzd.hessen.de Albrecht.Weiser at hzd.hessen.de
Thu Jul 17 11:28:47 EDT 2008

Hi List,
i want to test a client which is able to perform as a wfs-t client. It
should be able to set a point (in case of a point feature) and  to open
a featureType attribute table mask in which i can edit the newly created
point's attributes (and then save it back). 
I know that mapbender is able to act as a wfs-t client (means it saves
the point to the database), but does it do the latter issue too? Can i
edit the attributes of the created feature too? Does somebody have some
experiences with that?
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