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Of course, it is possible to get work with mapbender and a corrosponding 
wfs-t server (like Geoserver),


all available documentation is only partly usefull or sometimes outdated, 
so you have to dig thru und sometimes will get lost  ;-))

Possible path to success:

1. Set up a  wfs-t server  or know one to use.
2. Integrate the needed Mapbender module (most of them inside gui-digitize 
) , 
3. Load the wfs and then use wfs-conf  to do all the conf things ( I don't 
really know what exactly, ... please take a look to the Mapbender-wiki, )
4. If all things are done allright you'll be able to create new object to 
your database ( hopefully .. ^^) 

worried ??  ,  do not give up !!

I'm using  Geoserver 1.6, UMN Mapserver 4.10 , Postgis and Mapbender 2.4 
--->  and it works now, 

The good news:   I'm able to create new objects, to edit/move  or delete 
these objects . 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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[Mapbender-users] mapbender: wfs-t abilities

Hi List, 
i want to test a client which is able to perform as a wfs-t client. It 
should be able to set a point (in case of a point feature) and  to open a 
featureType attribute table mask in which i can edit the newly created 
point's attributes (and then save it back). 
I know that mapbender is able to act as a wfs-t client (means it saves the 
point to the database), but does it do the latter issue too? Can i edit 
the attributes of the created feature too? Does somebody have some 
experiences with that?
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