[Mapbender-users] mapbender installation was not successful

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Mon Jul 21 09:08:56 EDT 2008

Hi Albrecht,

for localization and internalisation issues Mapbender needs the php
module mbstring enabled (--enable-mbstring). On Windows you should be
able to enable it be removing the comment of the appropriate dll in

In mapbender.conf you have a setting "portal function" (or something
like that), if that is set to false, users can't register themselves
at the login screen and you get the cited message.

HTH, Michael

2008/7/21  <Albrecht.Weiser at hzd.hessen.de>:
> Hi list,
> i wanted to try out mapbender but i'm afraid the installation wasn't
> successful. Here's my configuration:
> -Mapbender Version 2.5.0 RC3 (28-05-2008)
> -PostGresql/PostGis 8.3
> -PHP 5.2.5
> -Apache 2.2.8
> I was following the installation instructions of the wiki
> http://www.mapbender.org/Installation_de. Firstly installed the db, created
> the tables, the sequence and inserted the data with success. Then the
> virtual directory in the Apache, the mapbender.conf and the php.ini.
> I was successful entering the context http://localhost/mapbender/ and got
> the portal's login surface (therefore i think the virtual directory in the
> apaches htttpd.conf is o.k.). I was able to login by root/root and got the
> mapbender GUI list (so i think the db is o.k. either). But clicking any
> entry on the list produced this error: "Fatal error: Call to undefined
> function mb_internal_encoding() in
> C:\LokaleDaten\Krimskrams\Downloads\mapbender\mapbender_2.5\http\frames\index.php
> on line 21". Also on the login surface there was the message: "create new
> user: This module is disabled. Please check your mapbender.conf." And i
> wasn't able to enter the mapbender_setup.php: "The requested URL
> /mapbender/tools/mapbender_setup.php was not found on this server." But the
> path to the mapbender_setup.php was correct. I think that there is still a
> missing or wrong configuration somewhere, but where?
> The apache log shows nothing.  Even not the access to the index.php under
> http://localhost/mapbender was logged from apache. That means the logging
> isn't right either. I think i did everything like in the wiki was told, but
> there's still a bug somewhere. Could somebody help?
> Thanks
> Albrecht
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