[Mapbender-users] error while performing wfs-t request

Verena Diewald verena.diewald at wheregroup.com
Wed Jul 23 02:50:41 EDT 2008

Hello Albrecht,

please check your capabilities document and have a look which EPSGs are 
mentioned there. Mapbender does indeed get the information like SRS out of 
the capabilities doc, so I really can't reproduce why that error occurs with 
the EPSG:4326 in the "Edit GUI_WMS" module. I never had any problems 
concerning this point. 
If possible you could post the XML here so everyone can have a look at it. And 
which GeoServer version do you use? 



 Am Dienstag 22 Juli 2008 16:11:27 schrieb Albrecht.Weiser at hzd.hessen.de:
> Hi list,
> i'm testing the wfs-t abilities of mapbender. During the first test with
> a newly set point feature i got a "fatal error: EPSG mismatch EPSG:4326
> / EPSG:31467". Here is my workflow:
> I was copying the digitize_gui and deleting all existing wms/wfs. The
> WMS and WFS i'm using in my gui are of epsg 31467. There is no
> configuration using 4326. Nevertheless the module 'EDIT GUI-WMS' offers
> in a dropdown-list for EPSG only epsg 4326 as option to choose (i assume
> the lists with EPSG, Mapformat, Infoformat, Exceptionformat, Visibility
> and Opacity are loaded from the capabilities of the wms?). I cannot
> choose 31467 which is the native srs of my wfs/wms (geoserver). I think
> therefore comes the epsg mismatch. But where does the module get the
> 4326 from? Is there an SRS connected with the gui? Why can't i choose
> the right epsg? I think that would fix the error.
> Regards
> Albrecht


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