[Mapbender-users] Please no mails with attachements exceeding 40k!

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Thu Jul 24 05:41:35 EDT 2008

we recently received several mails with larger attachments to this list. By default all is rejected that is larger than 40kb. The reasoning is simple: Mapbender users currently has 300 subscribers, so that one email with a 1.6 MB attachment will account for almost half a Gigabyte of mail traffic! Have 10 mails a day and you end up producing 5GB of electronic junk that choke the web. 

On top of this the list administrator has to go into the system and manually remove the rejected mails. This is not a big thing - except if you are the one who has to do it... 

Therefore please be so kind as to upload files to a separate server and then link to it from your email. If you do not have such a server I can help you, just send me the file directly and I publish it somewhere for you. 

Best regards, 

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