[Mapbender-users] MB 2.5 rc5: Problems with module resizeMapsize un gui_digitize

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Tue Jul 29 02:11:31 EDT 2008

Hello list,

I tried to use module "resizeMapsize" in the standard "gui_digitize".

If "resize_option" of module "resizeMapsize" is set to "button" everything is working well.

If "resize_option" of module "resizeMapsize" is set to "auto" the wms set to "hidden" (and so choosen from module "setBackground") are not loadad any more.

Please check for release 2.5.

Thanks and greetings

Schoenhammer Herbert

P.S: Firebug is reporting an error (I think in module mod_wfsSpatialRequest_messages.php):

highlight has no properties
returnValue("mapframe1", "map_2")core.php (line 186)
execute(Object frameName=mapframe1 myMapId=map_2)core.php (line 186)
trigger(Object frameName=mapframe1 myMapId=map_2, undefined)core.php (line 124)
setMapRequest("mapframe1")map.php (line 83)
mb_repaint("mapframe1", 4498987.252910053, 5424800.039506173, 4517152.747089947, 5437949.960493827)map.php (line 175)
mb_repaintScale("mapframe1", 4508070, 5431375, 51706)map.php (line 174)
adjustDimension()map.php (line 3320)
control()map.php (line 3328)
(no name)()map.php (line 3343)
execute(undefined)core.php (line 163)
trigger(undefined, undefined)core.php (line 124)
init()map.php (line 11)
onload(load )

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