[Mapbender-users] problem with wfs search

Verena Diewald verena.diewald at wheregroup.com
Tue Jul 29 03:26:44 EDT 2008

Hello Karsten,

please check the GET request which is sent to the server. You can get it using 
the Firebug console. It will be displayed there if you start your WFS search. 
The request should look like that: 
Firebug offers the possibility to have a look at the Params, Headers and the 
Response of this request. Please check the Params. Take the url and the 
filter parameter, put them together and try this request directly in the 
browser. Or post this request here.

Best regards


Am Dienstag 29 Juli 2008 08:23:49 schrieb Karsten Vennemann:
> >>> You may not have checked the "show" field. If it is checked, you have
> >>> to find out if the client sends the WFS conf IDs to the server, see
> >>> Firebug's entry under POST.
> That helped me to get rid of the error - thanks. I didn't check the "shop"
> checkbox in the admin1 >edit WFS interface for "Counties".
> Now the search dialogue is there and i can start a search but it either is
> endless (never stops) or retrieves "Kein Ergebnis" (no result) when i
> search for an existing county name. For me it seems that is it configured
> ok (screen shoot of the wfs config:
> www.terragis.net/docs/other/wfs_counties.gif). Al;so it didn't help hwen I
> added styles for the resulst etc...
> wfs capabilities are at
> http://alliance.terragis.net/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=/var/www/mapdata/projects/
> &REQUEST=getCapabilities&VERSION=1.0.0&SERVICE=WFS and I was able to
> connect and display it in UDIG.
> This is the map file I am using for the WFS:
> www.terragis.net/docs/other/alliance_wfs_counties.map
> What else could be wrong? I have no clue...
> Karsten


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