[Mapbender-users] Newbie question about Capabilities

Stefan Sassenberg stefan.sassenberg at gmx.de
Wed Jun 18 16:48:23 EDT 2008


I'm configuring Mapbender after installing it without much trouble.

Loading the capabilities and linking the WMS into the gui doesn't work 
quite right. I tried some capabilities from the web page 
<http://isk.geobasis-bb.de/index.php?cms=1101> without success. Some of 
the ids (layers in the map) show an error message 
"msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): Invalid SRS given : SRS must be valid for all 
requested layers.", but most of the layers are simply empty which seems 
very strange to me and is the bigger problem.

There's another problem. I updated a capability but the wms has vanished 
from the list. I think it should be visible in the lists "!Delete 
completely!" and "Load WMS" -> "Link WMS into GUI" (and maybe others) 
but it is not. Yet, it is still visible in "Update capabilities".

Any help is appreciated.


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