[Mapbender-users] How to create a postgres-cluster with encodings UTF-8 and LATIN1 ?

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Mon Jun 23 08:00:08 EDT 2008

Hi list,

Obviously this posting is in the wrong list. But perhaps somebody reading this list has a solution for me. My problems are:

I want to create a postgres-cluster, in which it should be possible to generate databases with encodings in

- UTF-8 for use as mapbender-db
- LATIN1 for storing data in german sort-order and character-set

Using postgresql version <= 8.2.x this is no problem. The postgresql does not evaluate the system's LC_CTYPE and so the postgres-user is able to create db's with all wanted encodings.

But since postgres 8.3.x the initdb evaluates the system LC_CTYPE (which is set to de_DE.UTF-8). I'm ONLY allowed to generate databases with encoding UTF-8.

I have tried using the --locale option of initdb, setting --locale=de_DE.LATIN1. The result is,  I'm only allowed to create databases with encoding LATIN1.

Also following the Postgres-doc, i tried --locale=C or --local=POSIX, setting --lc-collate=de_DE.LATIN1: But I'm also only allowd to create databases with encoding UTF-8.

Does anybody know, how to specify the initdb options to generate mapbender-db's in UTF-8 and "data"-db's in LATIN1 ?

I urgently need some help ;-)

Thanks and greetings from

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