[Mapbender-users] MB 2.5: Some errors and questions about handling layergroups in treeGDE2

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Mon Nov 3 11:07:43 EST 2008

Hi list,

I'm doing some tests with treeGDE2 in mB 2.5. I try to use the new feature of handling sublayers in treeGDE2.
I obeserved some astonishing things. I think there are still some problems in the code. And I have some questions, using this new feature.

1. Observation: switchwms = true and ficheckbox = false
Loading a wms with grouped layers (using "WMS_LAYER_GROUP" in mapserver's mapfile) the wms itself has a checkbox for displaying all layers (switchwms). And also all layers have a checkbox. But no group of layers has a checkbox for displaying all layers of the group.

1. Question:
I think there should be a new var called e.g. switchgroups. If this var is set to true, a checkbox should be offered for all nested groups in the wms. The old switchwms may be set to false. Isn't it ?

2. Observation: switchwms = false and ficheckbox = true
The ficheckbox is offered for all groups (and layers of course). But, if there is no switchwms also no ficheckbos should be available !

2. Question
I think this is a real bug. The ficheckbox should not be offered for groups, if switchwms is set to false. (Exception: A new var switchgroups will be established).

3. Observation: showstatus = true
If showstatus = true, the treeGDE shall visualize all wms / groups in which layers are selected. But unfortenately all groups are marked, even if there is no layer selected in this group.

3. Question
I think this a bug too. Isn't it ?

4. Question: openfolder = x
Using the var openfolder, it ist possible to choose the folder which should be openend during initializing the tree. But, of course using grouped layers, it should be possible to open nested groups in the tree.
Now only the first hirarchy may be opened.

How may I open a group during initializing the tree ?

5. Observation
I'm using mapserver as wms - server. The mapserver-docu sais, that it is not allowed to use the layer's "GROUP" statement in conjunction with the layer-metadata "WMS_LAYER_GROUP" - statement.

But how to offer real "GROUPS" of layers to the user in conjunction with "WMS_LAYER_GROUP"?

So I did some experiments combining these two statements. Mapserver produces a getcapbilities-Document including some Warnings.
This capabilites-document is interpreted by mapbender. All layer "GROUPS" are interpreted correctly as groups by mapbdender. All "WMS_LAYER_GROUPS" are interpreted correctly. Only the layer "GROUPS" are inserted directly behind the root in the tree. This can be solved by editing the "parent"filed in the table layer of the mapbender-db.

5. Question
Does anybody know, how to use layer "GROUPS" in combination with "WMS_LAYER_GROUP", without generating mapserver errors?
Is there another solution in mapbender ?
(My solution is only a workaround (maybe it will no longer be working with a new mapserver - version!). )

Schoenhammer Herbert

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