[Mapbender-users] Error in mod_monitorCapabilities_main.php

gisbert.breitbach at gkss.de gisbert.breitbach at gkss.de
Fri Nov 21 05:26:05 EST 2008

I got errors if I use mod_monitorCapabilities_main.php in MB 2.5. I have 
some local WMS which layers changing every day. So I need 
mod_monitorCapabilities_main.php to reflect this dynamic behaviour in my 
Mapbender portal.
the errors are:

1) PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function plus() on a non-object in 
/opt/mapbender_2.5/http/classes/class_monitor.php on line 344
2) PHP Warning:  pg_execute(): Query failed: ERROR:  value too long for 
type character varying(2048) in 
/opt/mapbender_2.5/http/php/database-pgsql.php on line 176
For 2) the argument for LAYERS  is really above 2048 characters.

It seems to work anyhow but I want to know if problems could arise soon.

Best regards,

Gisbert Breitbach
Institut für Küstenforschung, GKSS Forschungszentrum
Tel.: +49 4152 87 1563
Fax: +49 4152 87 4 1563
E-Mail: Gisbert.Breitbach at gkss.de

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