[Mapbender-users] minscale and maxscale problem

Raivo Alla snaperski at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 05:00:58 EST 2008


i am using mapbender version 2.4.2 and have following problem:
in the mapfile I defined scales under LAYER section like that:
	MAXSCALE		200000
	MINSCALE		50000

and on the MAP section

Next, when I look at EDIT GUI-WMS in Mapbender  at admin1, then
there's EPSG 4326 and when I change it to EPSG 3301, then map works
fine, but min and maxscales are corrupted: for example maxscale 200000
becomes maxscale 150000 and minscale 50000 becomes minscale 37500.
Actually,  when i run Load WMS GetCapabilities request, then it
already shows wrong scale numbers.
What to do?



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