[Mapbender-users] How to create a postgres-cluster withencodingsUTF-8 and LATIN1 ?

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Wed Oct 22 12:39:45 EDT 2008


Manns, Marc schrieb:
> Hallo zusammen,
> http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-bugs/2008-02/msg00010.php
> Der Bug bezog sich auf die Version 8.3 RC2 
> Es scheint mir so, als wäre der Fehler nicht behoben worden,
> da ich hier das selbe Problem mit Version 8.3.3 habe.
> Da bleibt einem wohl nur der Rückstieg auf eine ältere Postgres Version.
> In denen hat es ja funktioniert
> Gruß
> Marc Manns

das ist kein bug sondern so gewollt. Zitat aus den Release Note der 8.3

> Disallow database encodings that are inconsistent with the 
 > server's locale setting (Tom)
> On most platforms, C locale is the only locale that will work 
 > with any database encoding. Other locale settings imply a specific
 > encoding and will misbehave if the database encoding is something
 > different. (Typical symptoms include bogus textual sort order
 > and wrong results from upper() or lower().)
 > The server now rejects attempts to create databases
 > that have an incompatible encoding.

Wenn also wirklich Datenbanken in verschiedenen Encodings gebraucht 
werden muss eben bei der Installation "C" als locale angegeben werden.

Siehe auch im Manual


"An important restriction, however, is that each database character set 
must be compatible with the server's LC_CTYPE setting. When LC_CTYPE is 
C or POSIX, any character set is allowed, but for other settings of 
LC_CTYPE there is only one character set that will work correctly. Since 
the LC_CTYPE setting is frozen by initdb, the apparent flexibility to 
use different encodings in different databases of a cluster is more 
theoretical than real, except when you select C or POSIX locale (thus 
disabling any real locale awareness). It is likely that these mechanisms 
will be revisited in future versions of PostgreSQL. "


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