[Mapbender-users] mapbender and CMS

Armin Retterath armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de
Wed Sep 10 02:57:02 EDT 2008

hello emilio,
whe have integrated mapbender with typo3 by exchanging the content by
use of session variables and synchonizing the user managements. you can
have look at http://www.geoportal.rlp.de. the searching functionality
for service is realized in form of an xml based interface to the
mapbender db.
the system is used for the regional SDI of Rhineland Palatinate
if you have further questions you can contact me directly,

Am Dienstag, den 02.09.2008, 09:07 +0200 schrieb Emilio Pardo Pérez:
> Hello everyone 
> We are using Mapbender in our  Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure,
> Andalusia  Spain. 
> Now we are considering adding a content manager for our website and would
> like to know if there are jobs associated with integrating Mapbender with
> Drupal, or another manager.
> Only know the work of integrating the API of google and I think it is a very
> interesting and you can not leave 
> Thank you very much
> Sorry for my bad english :P
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