[Mapbender-users] Introduction and Project Description

A. Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 11:06:33 EDT 2009

New kid here.  I'm the author of an Open Source Computer-Aided-Dispatch
application oriented to the public safety community, which I've built upon
PHP, MySQL and Google's Maps API.   WRT the latter issue, and since some
members of the user community's mission is operation under hardship/crisis
conditions including the absence of Internet connectivity, I'm planning a
version that wd allow operation sans that benefit, operating off a
nearby/co-located http server.

Since the application uses mapping as a corollary to the dispatch functions,
OpenStreetMaps and OpenLayers present themselves as clear candidates to
replace the Google functions and map/tile sets.  The project here then is a
re-do of the application from its GMaps usage.

While the application uses less than ten specific API function calls
(instantiate, setcenter, etc.) it will need to include a new capability for
a user to specify the geographic boundaries of the area of interest, for
tile/file capture purposes.

Since the target user community will include people whose tech skills and
interests are incidental to their primary job functions, it's  rather
important to keep the installation requirements and processes minimal, since
a major portion of prospective users will not have brought up server
software before.  The XAMP/WAMP/LAMP/MAMP stacks availability is a real boon
in this regard.

My thoughts are rather than require the installation of any of the servers
that are used in the various segments of the OS Geo world, I'd provide the
required functionality as an inherent element of the PHP application script. 
Accordingly, I wonder if there's any one-to-one mapping of portions of the
GMaps API to OpenLayers, or any similar kind of assist.

If you're still awake at this point, please do share any insights or
experiences that you think might be useful in this project.  Thanks for any

Annapolis, MD

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