[Mapbender-users] Configuration of PDF-print: download=true ?

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Tue Feb 10 07:06:36 EST 2009

Hi list,
in mapbender docu (http://www.mapbender.org/Troubleshooting_printPDF), you can read:
"Es empfiehlt sich, in der print_pdf.conf $download auf "true" zu setzen. "

Unfortenately there is no explanation in the docu. Why should I set "$download=true".

If download is set to "true", the temporary created pdf-files are remaining in the server's directory.

If set to "false", the user need not to do another click and no temporary files stay in server's directory.

So, could anybody explain, why download should be set to "true" ?

Thanks a lot

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