[Mapbender-users] gazetteer highlight problem

Balázs Bámer bamerbalazs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 16:21:26 EST 2009

Hi All,

If I highlight a feature from the gazetteer result list, it remains on
its place even if I zoom or pan away. It is refreshed (put on its new
place in right size) only if I move the mouse again over any result
line. Is it my fault?

my modules are:
back body
center1 closePolygon copyright
dependentDiv digitize dragMapSize
featureInfo1 forward
gazetteerWFS geometry getArea
legend logo logout
mapframe1 measure metadata
pan1 printPDF
repaint rubber
sandclock scalebar scaleSelect scaleText selArea1 setPOI2Scale
setSpatialRequest showCoords_div showLoggedUser
wfs wfs_conf wfsresult
zoomCoords zoomFull zoomIn1 zoomOut1

thank you in advance.
Best regards: Balázs Bámer

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