[Mapbender-users] gazetteer highlight problem

Balázs Bámer bamerbalazs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 11:13:32 EST 2009

Hi Christoph,

> In your demo application, I searched in WFS configuration "szerkesztheto"
> for the value 12 in field "telp". The highlighting works as expected. Which
> browser are you using? Or did you fix that bug?

Firefox 3.0.6 your example is perfect for me, too. However, If you
select "csakolv" layer and search for 1000 in merar, the phenomenon
can be well observed. If you move the mouse over the upper line, the
highlight appears, but a rectangle instead of anything on screen. It
works. For the bottom result line, the highlight appears in correct
form, but doesn't disappear. Zooming and panning away doesn't help.
Moreover, some Javascript seems to load CPU.
I couldn't debug it yet.

best regards: Balázs

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