[Mapbender-users] Unable to login (function.pg-connect)

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Thu Jan 8 11:31:23 EST 2009

>     define("DBSERVER", "");
>     define("PORT", "5432");
>     define("DB", "mapbender");
>     define("OWNER", "postgres");
>     define("PW", "postgres");

these look ok, perhaps you shouldn't use the PostgreSQL admin-account for this.
Do you really use user "postgres"?

>     define("MD5","true");
>     include_once("/var/www/mapbender_2.5/http/php/database-pgsql.php");

where do these lines come from?

> And here the ERROR message from log-file:
> 2009.01.08, 16:52:45,ERROR: Error while executing prepared statement in
> /var/www/mapbender_2.5/http/frames/login.php: Sql: SELECT mb_user_login_count
> FROM mb_user WHERE mb_user_name = $1, Error: FEHLER:  keine Berechtigung
> für Relation mb_user (...no authorization)
can you connect from commandline?
Try something like
  psql -U postgres -d mapbender
and then
  select * from mb_user;

Does this work? If not your permissions in the database are not correctly set.

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