[Mapbender-users] MB 2.6 RC1

beyer at multimediaplan.at beyer at multimediaplan.at
Thu Jun 4 03:46:57 EDT 2009

Hi group,

I installed the new 2.6 RC right now. After the first login I received
these error messages:

Notice: Use of undefined constant GEOS_DBSERVER - assumed 'GEOS_DBSERVER'
in /data/mb26rc1/conf/mapbender.conf on line 161

Notice: Use of undefined constant GEOS_DB - assumed 'GEOS_DB' in
/data/mb26rc1/conf/mapbender.conf on line 162

Notice: Use of undefined constant GEOS_PORT - assumed 'GEOS_PORT' in
/data/mb26rc1/conf/mapbender.conf on line 163

Notice: Use of undefined constant GEOS_OWNER - assumed 'GEOS_OWNER' in
/data/mb26rc1/conf/mapbender.conf on line 164

Notice: Use of undefined constant GEOS_PW - assumed 'GEOS_PW' in
/data/mb26rc1/conf/mapbender.conf on line 165

Notice: Undefined property: Mb_locale::$knownLocales in
/data/mb26rc1/http/classes/class_locale.php on line 153

The last one seems to be a typing mistake in http/classes/class_locale.php
where line 153 should perhaps be

if ($this->knownLanguages == null) {
instead of
if ($this->knownLocales == null) {

But what about the first 5 error messages? The named lines of
mapbender.conf have not been changed after download of the mapbender
package. And as exactly these lines also appeared in all mapbender.conf
files of my previous versions, I can't really figure out what's wrong.

Best regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Beyer

CEIT ALANOVA gemeinnützige GmbH
Am Concorde-Park 2
2320 Schwechat

Tel: ++43 1 90360 - 1242
Fax: ++43 1 90360 - 1299

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