[Mapbender-users] MB 2.6 RC1

beyer at multimediaplan.at beyer at multimediaplan.at
Thu Jun 4 05:05:41 EDT 2009


> how did install mapbender 2.6 RC 1? Is it a fresh install or an update
> of a previous version? With a fresh install, did you use the install
> script?

It is a fresh install. I did not use the install script but I followed
the instructions in install.txt.

> Did you change the permissions of the log folder? If yes, are
> there any errors in the log?

The log file displayed that the gettext function was missing in the
database. I created the function with the SQL from
and now I can access the other pages. So this part is fine and GUI "gui"
is loading.

"gui1", however, says: "Mapbender 2.6 rc1...loading application 'gui1'",
but then stops with 2 javascript errors:

* missing } after function body (map.php, line 2263)
* $ is not defined (core.php, line 18)

gui2 is showing the background and nothing else. Firebug's error messages
are almost the same:

* missing } after function body (map.php, line 3336)
* $ is not defined (core.php, line 18)

Best regards,

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