[Mapbender-users] Internationalization on Mapbender 2.6

Ronald Woita Ronald.Woita at rostock.de
Thu Jun 25 09:42:29 EDT 2009

hi all,

I've got troubles with the internationalization module in Mapbender
version 2.6.
First PHP compiled with gettext option. 
Then I created a new po-file in reference to mapbender documentation
and compiled a new mo-file dependent on my system.
In Mapbender.conf 'I18n' is activated and the default language is set
to 'de'. Every string included in table 'translations' is now displayed
in german. 
But all strings translated with the po-file ( eg. from mod_digitize or
treeGDE2) are still in english ?!
System's LANG variable is set to 'de_DE.UTF-8' and in Mapbender_log
there's the following statement :  

2009.06.25 Notice: class_locale: setting locale to de
2009.06.25 Notice: locale de_DE.utf-8 ok on linux

everythig seems to be correct or did i miss something ?


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