[Mapbender-users] Re: Mapbender recognizes wrong SRS of my geoserver-WMS

Albrecht GMX aweiser at gmx.de
Mon Mar 2 05:50:29 EST 2009

Hello Astrid,
all works fine after installing postgis directly in the mapbender database. I didn't know, that this is necessary. I thought mapbender uses the postgis directly from the postgis_template. Would be an option, that the mapbender database installation sql make use of an existent postgis-database as template? Then it wouldn't be necessary to reinstall it.
But now i can use my geoserver-WMS with the other services. I think now it reprojects the maps coming from the service. Strange thing - I was again combing through the capabilities of the service, but epsg:4326 is nowhere to find. Everywhere only 31467.
Anyway - it works!
Thanks & bye

> Hello Albert,

> you need postgis in your Mapbender database.

> Please go to your Mapbender database and have a look whether you have 
> the tables geometry_column and spatial_ref_sys.

> You also can check by the following sql :

> select postgis_full_version(); in you Mapbender database.

> If postgis is not install you can add it by three commands. Have a
> look at the postgis documentation.

> Have a look at the link see 7. to 9.:
> http://www.postgis.org/documentation/manual-1.3/ch02.html#PGInstall

> Best regards Astrid

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