[Mapbender-users] Mapbender 2.5 - Internationalization - "Locale could not be set. Language ID: 'de'"

david.mueller at kaiserslautern.de david.mueller at kaiserslautern.de
Mon May 4 03:18:07 EDT 2009

Hello List,

i've got a problem with the default language parameter in my

I edited the following section:

# --------------------------------------------
# Internationalization
# --------------------------------------------

define("USE_I18N", true);  // requires gettext for PHP.
                                          // If "false", LANGUAGE is set to
define("LANGUAGE", "de");   // only available if USE_I18N is "true".
                                          // "en", "de", "bg", "gr", "nl",
"it", es"

In my Mapbender 2.5 Installation the language translation /
internationalization doesn't work.

I get this error in the logfiles:
2009.05.04, 08:40:41,ERROR: Locale could not be set. Language ID: 'de'

All the GUIS are shown in englisch, not in german, like i suggested.

My System is a Windows 2003 Server Standard with the ms4w Apache Web Server
and Mapbender 2.5 installed.

How could the language problem be solved? Any suggestions?


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