[Mapbender-users] NOOB Here With Basic Questions

Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Thu May 14 12:42:45 EDT 2009

I take it that Mapbender fronts vendor-specific API's, like Google's, so
that both must exist at run-time. Confirmed?  (And if it says so somewhere,
pls point me at that page.)

Stepping back:  My project here starts with my free Open Source GMashup
which does computer-aided-dispatch.  But a fair number of users are
amateur-radio people who provide emergency support to their communities.
Their expressed concern, of course, is that under some extreme conditions,
Internet connectivity won't be avaialble, but local power needed to operate
a communications van will  be.  So they want to  be able to run the
application on a co-located server, and the only thing standing in the way
is the current dependence on Google.

Therefore, my goal is a version of the software that can retain all required
map images/tiles/files at the local server, plus the API software.

OpenStreetmap and Openlayers look like excellent candidates to replace the
GMaps-specific elements, so I'm faced with the task of converting my code.
Mapbender looks like it could play a significant role in this.  I have a
fair number of questions, but I'm sure that I cd answer them myself if I cd
get a better grounding in the Mapbender basics than I have at this writing.

So, any pointers, description of similar projects, etc. will be greatly


Annapolis, MD
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